May 16, 17, 18, 2025

From Friday, May 16–Sunday May 18, 2025 you can sharpen your landscape drawing and painting skills while you visit powerful waterfalls, overflowing streams, fresh green meadows, and the spectacular geologic formations in Yosemite Valley.  Robert will do three watercolor demonstrations. You will get individual coaching and participate in three workshop reviews of your works. You will be able to observe and try a variety of drawing and watercolor techniques. This will be the 39th year Robert will conduct a Yosemite Workshop. He has also been invited to be the Artist in Residence at the Yosemite Art Center for many years. The fee includes 16 hours of instructional class time for the three days. Registration fee is $299. If you register before January 1, 2025, save $50 and send only $249. This discount is not available with PayPal. You must make your own reservations for accommodations.  Your room or camp site is not included in the workshop fee.   Make your accommodations reservation as soon as possible.  The new Yosemite reservation number is 888-413-8869.  Transportation to and from Yosemite and meals are not included.  There is no need to call to check if there is room for you.  When the enrollment is full, a "waiting list only" notice will be posted at the beginning of this announcement.  For more information, call: 916.391.5051,  or e-mail: To register, send your check for the full amount to the address below or you may enter the amount in PayPal below.

Yosemite Trip Cancellation Policy:
Penalties and refunds:
Cancellations before April 1, 2025 will receive a full refund minus a $20 administration fee.  After that date, no refunds are possible.  If non attendance occurs because of a serious health issue, a partial or full credit for a future workshop may be possible.

Go to Yosemite watercolor exhibition.

To register for this experience send check for $299. If you register before January 1, 2025, save $50 and send only $249. This discount is not available with PayPal. When you register be sure to send your email address and cell phone number to:
, 5825 Annrud Way, Sacramento, CA 95822
For more information call:
or email:

This poem is published in my new A Book About Nothing.  I recited it at the end of the 2024 workshop. RRD

Being an Artist of Life

We stand before a grand canvas: our life.
We prepare the colors of  our thoughts--rich or poor, false or true.
We must be ready to feel the warm and cold hues of our emotions--our fear and joy, our love and sadness.

In our hands we hold the finest of brushes: time, the instrument which allows us to express our world of experience in each and every spontaneous stroke.
We visualize this grand canvas as we want it to be, and commit to painting our image with integrity.
Each shading and shape, each color and hue; each smudge, drip, slip, tone, shadow, and value will be determined by us.
We are responsible for each stroke of our brush.

And although others may misunderstand or criticize, if we stand for who we are and what we do, most will respect us and admire our courage.

And when this grand canvas, our life, is finished, may the world in some small or large way be a better place.
May those who have touched our canvas with their eyes and hearts, grow to know the joy and wonder of being an artist of life.
We paint each day,
That is the way!

by Robert Regis Dvok

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