“Your teaching skills are stellar and heartfelt.  I feel more connected to my creativity today than ever before.  That's saying a lot as I am an Art Major drop out...because no one ever taught me how to see, how to draw, and (most importantly) that it is fine for me to enjoy my creativity/creations.
You do magic with your students, what you create for us is a ‘big permission’ to value ourselves and honor our uniqueness.”
Victoria Jordan

The Keys to Personal Power

How to Bake Creative Pie
Mastering Creativity
How to Sell Yourself in Business--or Romance

The Art of Selling Art
The Art of Creative Selling
Free Your Creative Spirit

Mastering Creativity

Keynote, three hour seminar or all day workshop

Through a series of carefully crafted simple exercises, you will learn to enjoy the benefits of your incredible power to be creative.  Successful artists, authors, musicians, and composers have learned to tap into this powerful source of creative energy.  But for most people, the ability to use this power was either never learned or trained out of them.  That free creative spirit resides in all of us and is just waiting to be mastered.   In this workshop, you will discover how you can:

·        apply three easy techniques to source valuable and innovative ideas;

·        capitalize on your creative ideas.

·        master your creativity to be more valuable on your job and in your life;

·        see from different points of view and persuade others to do the same;

·        master your time and add two more hours in your day to be creative, to learn, to play;

·        employ an easy sequence of steps to solve any problem;

You will learn simple and effective processes—ways to master your creativity.  By the end of this three-hour experience, you will have the tools for a more successful and productive life journey.  This fun and lively workshop will energize you with your creative power so that you will feel renewed and confident. Learn to exercise your creativity and how to avoid the main obstacle to its effectiveness. Learn how and when to use left and right brain functions. Enjoy a presentation or workshop that will entertain, amaze, inspire, and motivate you.  Games and exercises will empower you to find dynamic solutions to any problem.

The Art of Selling Art--Training

You can easily learn to sell art, turn more curious lookers into customers who buy art faster, and become collectors. Selling art is easy when you know how.  In this fast paced course on the art of selling art, you will learn how to create immediate desire, how to create instant rapport, what to ask, when to listen, what to say, easy closing techniques you can learn in minutes, correct body language and voice tone, and how to magically connect a person to the art they will love to own.

The full day training will include motivation, attitude adjustments, self confidence exercises, prospecting for clients, telephone techniques, art gallery floor selling, private presentations, respect and courtesy, what words to use and avoid, qualifying, emotional connections, closing secrets, handling objections, high priced art sales, corporate sales, how to contact a gallery, artist’s statements, pricing the art, portfolios, referrals and more.

This is a comprehensive sales program oriented to the individual artist, the art gallery and any art representative.  Be prepared for a full day of lively lecture and in-class games.  You will learn how to sell art to individual clients, collectors, and corporations.  Robert Dvořák, a successful California artist, will demonstrate what works and what doesn't work so that by the end of the workshop, you can begin selling--and prospering--immediately with confidence and self-assurance. 

Please bring to the training one work of art that is framed or mounted and available for sale and a pen and note paper.  Frequently sales take place in this class.  Robert’s book, Selling Art 101 will be available for $19.95 plus tax.

Free Your Creative Spirit


Learn to free your creative spirit so that you can find the appropriate solution to any problem.  Discover the most important question in life. Learn to see from different points of view. Mr. Dvorak will share many insights about business and life that he has gained during his life travels. Personal stories along with slides will take you on a journey into your mind and heart. You will see new ways to express yourself as an artist of life.

"...thank you for the wonderful and inspirational talk and demonstration at the Menlo Art League.  I can tell you that it has been a long time since anyone has elicited such a positive response.  I think they would have bought the shirt off your back if that had been for sale!"
Linda Logan, Menlo Park, CA


Creative Team Building--Games and exercises to create strong team players

Half Day or Full day training seminar

The purpose of these team games is to:
Create a team identity
Develop a team consciousness.
Learn and practice the ABC's or good communication
Learn to change direction quickly for the goal of the team
Learn to allow another person to be in charge
Learn to accept direction without hesitation or judgment
Learn to let go of the personal need to establish an outcome
Learn to let go of a personal position for the team good
Experience letting go of preconceived ideas
Encourage flexible creative thinking
Become a good listener and learn the art of agreement
Learn to adjust to whatever comes up

Learn to have fun on the job

Learn the three F's, the four U's, and the three N's to having fun. That equals 10 incredible ways to add more fun to your life every minute of every day, of every week, in every month. The result is that you will add years to your life and life to your years; and besides that, your job will become a kick, a joy and a big warm and fuzzy pleasure to live. Your team will accomplish more and each player will benefit with increased self esteem, productivity and creative problem solving skill.

How to Bake Your Creative Pie

Keynote, three hour seminar or luncheon talk

Preheat your oven to a high degree of expectancy
Search for the ingredients with insight
Add plenty of imagination
Sift in some hunches
Mix in a large portion of intuition
Strain the ingredients like a poet
Stir with emotion
Let rise with inspiration
Spread with enthusiasm
Color with thoughts and feelings
Blend fearlessly
Pour with concentration
Bake with creative energy till ready
Decorate like a painter
Serve with satisfaction
Consume with pleasure and enjoyment.
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Why hire Robert Regis Dvorak?

How often does a speaker hold the attention of an audience--from the first dynamic statement to the last inspirational message? Robert Regis Dvorak is an experienced professional speaker whose clear insight into the creative process will enlighten--even astonish--your audience. His unforgettable stories, his ability to involve audiences, and his unique visual examples will show you how to use your unlimited creative power.

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"Thank you again.  I wish we could bottle your spirit to use when the days get tough."
Linda Logan, Menlo Park, CA

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CREATIVE SPIRIT, 5825 Annrud Way, Sacramento, CA 95822
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