These ink-line figures were drawn from life with a calligraphy pen or brush.  They are spontaneous drawings made with careful concentration and attention to detail.  Any of the images below can be purchased as 11” x 17” prints for $25 plus $6 shipping and 9% California sales tax in California. The originals are also available. Email for pricing.

By Robert Regis Dvorak

Prints 11” x 17” of the above drawings are available for $25 plus $6 shipping and sales tax 9% for California residents. Please inquire if you would like to own the original ink drawing. They are all much larger than 11” x 17”. The original ink drawings vary in size from 17” x 23” to 26” x 40.” Most are still available.

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Inkwell Press, 5825 Annrud Way, Sacramento, CA 95822.

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