You may purchase a DVD containing archival copies of eight short animated 16mm films by R. R. Dvorak. These films range from one to eight  minutes in length. This collection costs $25 plus $5 shipping and when applicable, California sales tax. To order this video collection e-mail information to or send a check or money order to the address below.

These animated films include:

FACE DANCE is a three minute film painting with four thousand five hundred thumbnail sized drawings of faces made on 16mm clear film. The faces change, move, and rearrange in vigorous motion. This is a fun and entertaining film for adults and children. It is in the collection of films at the New York Museum of Modern Art, The Smithsonian, The Walker Art Center, the Brooklyn Museum, and the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.

FUDGE SUNDAY is a short black and white animation playing around with figure and ground concepts. Black shapes play with white shapes in tune with an electronic music sound track.

CRUMHORN is a visual interpretation of the sounds of the crumhorn, a renaissance instrument. The film was painted frame by frame on clear 16mm film. The images are symmetrical and fun, traveling back and forth and in and out creating illusions of perspective and depth.

GEOMATION takes a Greek tile pattern and animates it beginning and ending with a dot. Using the tile grid you watch the images change from dots to lines, and from lines to black and white shapes. The film explores one, two, and three dimensions. A Scott Joplin rag soundtrack reinforces the humorous journey. 7 minutes.

A GUIDED TOUR OF ROME is a tongue in cheek tour of Rome. You will journey through 8 miles of Roman streets in six minutes with a few breaks to view the Campo de Fiori, The Roman Forum, a Roman traffic mishap, The Piazza Navona.

THE TABLE is a time lapse of a two and a half hour lunch at the American Academy in Rome. The Beatles' song Piggys plays while the lunch guests eat at high speed. The table itself remains motionless throughout the film. Very funny!

HAPPYSTANCE two small dots play and jump through a maze of colors and shapes. Renaissance music provides the sound for this courting escapade.

SNOWSOUND is a short journey across the hills and mountains of Austria in the wintertime. The pure white landscape is punctuated with farms and trees. A music box provides the sound behind this quiet journey.

Robert Regis Dvorak's experimental art films include:

FACE DANCE 3 min.                        CRUMHORN 2 min.

ANEMONE 8 min.                             SEASOUND 8 min.

FUDGE SUNDAY 1 min.                 MYRIAD 6 min.

THE MAGIC ORANGE 8 min.         HAPPYSTANCE 5 min.

GEOMATION 6 min.                         GUIDED TOUR OF ROME 6 min.

THE TABLE 5 min.                            BODY RITUAL 4 min.

SNOWSOUND 1 min.                     

AMSTERDAM 5 min.                        BODIES 6 min.


A DAY ON MYKONOS 30 min.  You may purchase a DVD of this historical documentary film.  It shows Mykonos as it was in 1968.  Without narration, the film puts the sounds and music recorded on the island together with the imagery of the people and architecture to create a truly unique experience.  The film also includes many of Robert's drawings from that period.  This film in the DVD format is $20 plus $5 shipping in the USA and $15 shipping for orders abroad. In California add sales tax of 9%. To order this film send a check or money order to the address below. You may also use Paypal below. A Day on Mykonos is also available in 16mm.  If you are interested in an copy of the actual film in 16 mm call or write to the address below.

R. R. DVORAK, 5825 Annrud Way, Sacramento, CA 95822
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