Hire Robert to lecture, or present fun workshops on drawing or watercolor painting on board your next cruise. He can lecture on creativity and teach watercolor and drawing on board and on shore excursions. If you are interested in hiring Robert to for a cruise, email him at

“Hi Robert

I met you on the Jewel of the Seas Royal Caribbean cruise.  I absolutely loved your watercolor/drawing classes.  I went to all of them and learned something new every time.  I also learned a whole new way of drawing--a very freeing way of seeing and drawing!  I am also an artist and have been drawing and painting since I was a little girl.  For the last 6 months I have been very uninspired and unmotivated with my artwork.  Your classes came at the perfect time in my life.  I am so excited and inspired to now get back to my artwork.  You have given me a whole new way of "seeing".  Thank you so much for giving your experience, knowledge and passion to your classes so generously. I thank you for that gift.”


“I recently took an Alaska cruise and while on board I experienced some arts and crafts programs. So disappointing. I mean this cruise ship should be ashamed of offering such meaningless dribble. Why can’t they hire someone like you Robert, who really has something to offer.” N.N.

List of Possible Cruise Ship Lectures

Mastering Creativity

Anyone can learn to be creative.  Learn the secrets that all creative

people–artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, inventors–know and use.

Fun lecture with images

The Keys to Personal Power

Learn the legal techniques powerful people use to get and maintain their

personal power.  Learn how you can be as powerful as you choose to be.

Fun lecture with images

Be an Artist at What You Do

Learn how to be the artist of your life.  What can you do to design your life

to have the kind of life you want.  Learn the three steps to get what you want.

Fun lecture with images


Learn new and different ways to see. Learn how perceptual cues have you

seeing the way you do. What is intelligent directed seeing?  Notice what others

don’t Sherlock. Learn how to really see.  Fun lecture with images.

Creative Vision

Preheat your oven to a high degree of expectancy.  Learn how to bake your

creative pie.  Find out what is right about your left brain and what is left in

your right brain.  Fun lecture with images.

How to Sell Yourself in Business (and Romance)

Learn how to make others interested in you, who you are and what you do.

Learn the secret to getting and keeping rapport. Fun lecture with images

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