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Master the ability to see, draw and paint in watercolor anywhere in the world.  In TRAVEL DRAWING AND PAINTING, Robert Regis Dvořák gives you a lifetime of travel drawing and painting experience–an in depth look at many of his travel drawings and paintings from his sketch books to his finished works.  There are over 200 drawing examples, 160 watercolor examples and 180 pages which include 10 step-by-step demonstrations for you to follow.  You will return from your next trip with a treasure of creative images and memories. Order today.

$28.95 plus 8.25% CA tax and

$8 shipping

THE PRACTICE OF DRAWING AS MEDITATION is for people who want to learn to draw or improve their drawing skills in a relaxed and aware state.  Robert Regis Dvorak has taught drawing to thousands of people.  He has proven again and again that anyone can draw.  Here he presents drawing as a meditative practice to enhance our mental, spiritual and physical well-being. 

Dvorak’s spontaneous and innovative drawing practices promote self awareness and the exploration of one’s creativity.  With the information in this book, along with careful observation and conscious intention, these drawing practices are relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding.   This book contains 425 drawing illustrations and is 164 pages.  This book can be obtained for just $22.95 plus California sales tax and $5 shipping.  To order see below.

$22.95 plus 8.25% CA tax and

$8 shipping

FYI. My wife was home sick the other day and decided to read your book – which was sitting on my side of the bed.  She has now decided to start drawing as a form of relaxation/meditation. She has never sketched before but was inspired by your book and would like to explore the benefits.”

Pretty cool!  It’s amazing how your words and drawings can inspire !


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Now you can draw without having to hide underneath the bed afterwards. Drawing without the cold sweats, panic attacks, or feelings of imminent doom that have plagued you before! Remove your drawing phobias for only $18.95 plus $8.00 shipping (plus sales tax for Californians).  To order see below and get the whole family drawing. Try it! It's easy and you'll feel terrific!

$18.95 plus 8.25% CA tax and

$8 shipping

See Posters for DRAWING WITHOUT FEAR poster

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This book will have you practicing the art of drawing in minutes.  Contains 145 examples from Robert’s own Pocket Drawing Pads 4X5. Drawing or painting daily in a pocket sized sketchbook will improve your drawing skills, increase your visual perception, and give you the opportunity to do something creative during the short periods of time you have in the day. Whether you are traveling, shopping  vacationing, dinning in a restaurant, or sitting in meetings, watch your drawing skills improve. Here, Robert Regis Dvořák, a master of the quick sketch, explains and demonstrates how he does it. His examples of simple ink line drawings, colorful field studies for paintings, and his careful, informative, and encouraging words will keep you motivated for a life time of creative drawing and painting pleasure.   It's a great gift for your fellow drawing and painting friends.  Send them to this web address or better yet, buy 'em the book!  The book is 4.25” x 5.25” and has 160 pages of text and 145 drawings and watercolor sketches.

$12.95 plus 8.25% sales tax in California and $6 shipping

Now you can buy this pocket sized sketch book separately.  New and improved, 160 pages, 80 lb. natural tone paper for pen, pencil, pastel, wash, watercolor, acid free and archival.  Robert has made many wonderful watercolor field studies in these books.  Here is one of them as an example so you can see how beautiful the paper works for watercolor.  The sketch book is only $7.95 plus $5 shipping.  (plus 8.25% sales tax for Californians) They make perfect gifts.  Don't be without one the next time you travel. 

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Maui from the Airplane
A panoramic watercolor sketch made on an airplane in Hawaii by R. R. Dvorak in a
Learn the art of creative selling.  This book is for artists, art reps and galleries.  For most of us the skill of selling art needs to be learned.  This book provides easy-to-do techniques that will save years of frustration.  The right attitude, combined with the information in this book, will take your career to new levels.  People love to buy art.  People love to own art.  Art enriches people's lives.  You will learn:
    Closing secrets
    The 14 power words
    Studio and gallery selling
    Telephone techniques
    How to use emotions
    Finding and keeping clients
    Listening techniques
    Overcoming objections
    How to get referrals
    Developing rapport with a client
    Goal setting and what questions to ask

There are many many tips and exercises and they are all explained in detail.  If you truly want to sell art, you will after reading this book. All this for only $19.95 plus shipping. (plus 8.25% sales tax for Californians) To order,
SELLING ART 101 see below.

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When you order one of the above books you can also get the fabulous ARTIST’S DRAWING PAD 6 X 9 to practice your new skills! It has a natural tone drawing paper with a little texture, just right for pen, pencil, pastel, wash, watercolor or just about anything you may want to draw or paint with. The paper is acid free and archival.  There are 160 pages–80 sheets to express your creativity.  This book can be yours for just $9.95 plus shipping. California residents add state sales tax. What are you waiting for? PLEASE NOTE: This drawing  pad is temporarily out of print.

                                                                              $9.95 plus $5 shipping

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Want to discover a revolutionary drawing method that goes beyond the familiar rules and techniques and teaches you to draw using your creative experience? Robert Regis Dvorak has successfully taught thousands of adults and children to draw using this method. He has proven again and again that anyone can draw. Here he reveals his method in an easy-to-read text and a carefully designed sequence of exercises. This book will offer you the experience of your creative self. EXPERIENTIAL DRAWING is also a great text for teachers who want a method that produces results. There are plenty of tips and exercises and they are all demonstrated. All this for only $16.95 plus $5 shipping. (plus sales tax for Californians)

$16.95 plus CA tax and


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Travel Drawing and Painting    28.95

Master the ability to see, draw and paint anywhere in the world.

Drawing Without Fear                18.95

A beautifully illustrated book that will put to rest the fears both children and adults have about drawing.

The Practice of Drawing as Meditation        22.95

A comprehensive drawing book promoting a relaxed and conscious state of mind–ideal for the drawing experience.

Experiential Drawing                16.95

Learn to draw using your direct experience of seeing.

Selling Art 101                            19.95

Learn to sell art.

Drawing Pads: (can be used with watercolor)

The Pocket Drawing Pad 4X5 (160 pages)           7.95

The Artist’s Drawing Pad 6X9 (160 pages)          9.95

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